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UCE-11 Dare to Compare   Hi! I’m Tori from Tyent, and I’d like to introduce you to Tyent’s most amazing under-the-counter water ionizer. It’s called the Tyent Under-the-Counter Extreme Turbo with Hydrogen Boost, or UCE for short. This amazing water ionizer offers the latest, most cutting-edge technology available in the world. To learn all about our unique water ionizer features in great detail, be sure to check out our other videos. First, let’s look at its beautiful design. With its one-of-a-kind smartphone touchscreen, it’s no wonder it’s been featured on E! channel’s Million Dollar Homes of the Future and in expensive homes of famous celebrities and pro athletes across the globe. Setting up your unit is a breeze because the Tyent UCE is the only true water ionizer with no convertible kits to worry about. Let’s Get Started To get started, it’s as easy as touching a button. If you’re new to drinking hydrogen-rich alkaline water, then you’ll want to start with level one. Just push the level one button, and it’s that simple. The super cool thing is that it remembers the last button that you pushed and saves it. So, next time you want a glass of delicious Tyent water, you can just push the top button and get your very own water that’s personalized just for you. After about four weeks of drinking level one, you’ll move up to level two. Four weeks later, you’ll be ready for the amazing benefits of Tyent’s ultimate level three water with Hydrogen Boost. Tyent’s level three alkaline water has a 9.5pH, and it’s chock-full of molecular hydrogen too. If you’re not familiar with the life-changing benefits of molecular hydrogen, then check out all of the clinical studies about it. There’s over 500 of them! I totally feel a difference from drinking Tyent water, and that’s why I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The Tyent UCE has bonus levels included too. That’s right. See all these buttons at the bottom of the screen? These buttons create acidic water. Let’s start with acidic level one. This button is used to make beauty water, and I use it every day. I’ve really noticed a difference in how much better my skin and hair look and feel, and people have been complimenting me and asking me what I’m doing differently. My beauty secret is Tyent’s alkaline level three for the inside and acidic level one for the outside. For more incredible tips, be sure to check our Tyent’s ultimate uses booklet for hundreds of ways to use your Tyent machine level by level. This is a great resource that shows you how to get the most of your Tyent water ionizer, by using it for everything from cleaning your bathrooms to getting stains out of clothes and carpets to making the ultimate mouthwash. Now let’s move on to Turbo Mode. Just push the Turbo button here. Alkaline Turbo will always come out of your top spout while acidic Turbo always comes from the bottom spout. I use my Turbo button constantly throughout the day, cleaning nasty herbicides and pesticides off of my fruit and veggies. I really cannot dream of living without this button. It’s a real life-saver. Actually, it’s a big money-saver too. Because of this, I don’t spend three times the amount of money on organic produce anymore. For when you’re taking your medicine, eating a meal, or making baby formula, you’ll want to use neutral pH water, which is easily produced by pushing this little H2o button right here. Right here, at the bottom of your screen, you’ll see an F1 and F2 button. These buttons are resetting your filters. See your filter box, user manual, or welcome guide for full details on resetting your filters. Speaking of filters, look how the front of your UCE ionizer opens, so that you can quickly and easily change your filters. No more messing around with cords or hard-to-open panels in the back. Before I go, I just have one more button to show you. See this cute little gear right here? This is the magic button that allows you to have water by design. Just check out your user’s manual or welcome guide to see how easy it is to adjust your power settings to your unique source water. With this button, you can also change languages, adjust the volume, or set the time and date. Now that you’ve seen just a few of the great ways to use your all-new Tyent UCE water ionizer, be sure to order today so that you can start living the life you’re supposed to live. After all, what’s not to love about drinking water this healthy and that only costs about $0.06 a glass? Tyent is the only company in the world that can say this and back it up with a lifetime guarantee that has zero stipulations and no fine print. So, go on and drink up a delicious glass of fresh Tyent hydrogen-rich alkaline water. Isn’t it time that you start feeling great again and having the energy to do what you love with the people you love? It’s time to get your very own Tyent UCE ionizer today. The Tyent UCE (Under-the-Counter Extreme) Water Ionizer with Hydrogen Boost – another great product from the engineers at Tyent. Buy once. Buy right. Buy Tyent! As Featured on E! Million Dollar Homes!   Learn why Tyent Water from the UCE-11 is so beneficial! Hi! I’m Tori, and welcome to Tyent. If you’re looking for the best water ionizer on the market with the most advanced features in the world, then you’ve come to the right place. Tyent has done it again with the UCE (Under-Counter Extreme) Turbo, the winner of the coveted Water Ionizer of the Year award in its class since 2012. The Tyent UCE is the only ionizer of its kind to offer Hydrogen Boost as well. Since all Tyent ionizers have the most cutting-edge technology, Tyent is the only company that’s able to offer a lifetime warranty on all of their water ionizers, with no stipulations and zero fine print. I’m going to jump right in here to show you how this amazing Tyent UCE works, but, first, here’s a few important things that you really need to know. If you’ve done your research, you will find that ionizers come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. By listening to this video, another thing you’re going to realize soon is that every ionizer company is going to tell you that they have the best ionizer on the market. However, if you went ahead and ripped off all the name tags off of all the water ionizers, it would come down to the specs and the bare bones of each unit. We’re also going to cover which ionizers you should definitely stay away from too. In fact, I’ll dive into that right now. Beware of cheaply-made water ionizers, because they may not meet the stringent manufacturing procedures that top water ionizers do. Simply put, ionizers made in China or Taiwan do not have to uphold to high industry certification standards like the top certified machines, which are made in Japan or Korea. If you’re not sure what to look for, don’t worry. We put together this amazing guide to make it really easy for you to make the right choice. It will take all of the guesswork out of it. The great news is this guide is free, and you can download it from our website. With Tyent, it’s true that you get what you pay for. Our ionizers are made in a state-of-the-art facility under strict guidelines. Therefore, Tyent is the proud recipient of dozens of important quality certifications. These certifications ensure that you always get the healthiest, safest water for you and your family. Since each delicious glass of Tyent water only costs about $0.06 a glass, isn’t it worth it to be better safe than sorry? Plus, now with our zero-down financing, you can rest assured that when you call us, our Tyent water ionizer experts can find you the perfect water ionizer for your lifestyle and budget. Now, let’s move on to filtration. That’s where I say: dare to compare. You see, it’s very clear that those other ionizers are lacking in their filtration standards. Some ionizers only have one filter, while some other ionizers offer two filters, but they’re small. In either case, having substandard filtration can be downright dangerous, making it necessary for you to add a bunch of pre-filters. Adding pre-filters to make up for subpar ionizer filtration can cost you a lot of extra money in the long run. The bottom line is it’s important to check the facts before you buy. Now, let’s look at Tyent. You’ll be happy to know that Tyent offers two ultrafilters in every ionizer unit. Our ultrafilters have a 0.01-micron level, which has the same filtration power used in kidney dialysis machines. In fact, our ultrafilters remove over 200 dangerous contaminants, including 99% of lead. Tyent has a third-party lab report to back up what we promise – great tasting water that’s both clean and healthy. Tyent’s team of expert researchers and industry engineers design every water ionizer with your health in mind. That’s why each unique Tyent plate is a solid mesh hybrid design for the ultimate electrolysis capability that you cannot get anywhere else. Each plate is platinum-titanium, which is dipped multiple times in platinum and then baked, which is the proper way to do it in order to provide the ultimate in strength and durability. Tyent is the only under-counter water ionizer that has been featured on E! channel’s Homes of the Future and in million-dollar homes of A-list celebrities, famous doctors, and pro athletes. Once you have your very own Tyent UCE in your home, all you need to do in order to get your first glass of the healthiest alkaline water in the world is to push the button of your choice. If you’re new to drinking Tyent alkaline water, then you’ll want to begin your healthy lifestyle by pushing alkaline level one. Just push this button right here. The Tyent UCE is so smart that it remembers your preferred water level choice. It’s so cool, it even talks to you – letting you know what level is being dispensed and when to change your filters. Just listen to how cool it sounds! It’s a real conversation piece. Plus, since everybody has unique source water, the Tyent UCE offers a bonus feature that allows you to adjust your machine’s power settings up or down in order to raise or lower your pH and antioxidant levels. It’s so advanced that you can preset it to your distinct water source, just like you can preset the radio stations in your car. Other ionizer companies need to add harsh chemicals to do the same thing, but not Tyent. Each and every Tyent water ionizer is chemical-free. This awesome pH adjustment feature is one-of-a-kind in the industry and ensures that you get the exact pH water that you request each and every time. Wow! How is that for customized water at your fingertips? Once you’re living the good life with your new Tyent healthy lifestyle, it’s best to drink level 9.5pH on a regular basis, because it’s the only Hydrogen Boost button on the under-counter water ionizer. That’s right. This Hydrogen Boost is the result of years of development by our engineers at Tyent. It’s no wonder that the Tyent UCE can be found in so many high-caliber homes. Our goal has always been and always will be to give you the healthiest water in the world, and we’ve done it again. One of my favorite things about all the Tyent ionizers is that they have all these special buttons to create beauty water, cleaning water, and water that is great for kitchen use. There are so many awesome ways to use all of the unique water types that come from your Tyent ionizer. Each Tyent ionizer offers so many useful pH levels, hundreds, in fact, that we’ve created this awesome uses guide. This guide comes in this fantastic lifestyle kit, which is a $59 value that Tyent gives to you free-of-charge with your ionizer purchase. This information in this kit is priceless. I love it so much, and I reference it every day. Some things that you may not know about Tyent is that Tyent has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for excellent customer service. Plus, Tyent is accredited with the BBB as well. In addition, our employees and technicians are certified water quality experts, who are available to guide you and help answer all of your questions. It's no wonder that Tyent under-counter water ionizer is the top-selling ionizer in its class. Since no other ionizer on the market can compare to Tyent’s cutting-edge technology, lifetime warranty, 75-day trial period, water quality expertise, and customer service, do not trust your health to any other brand. We guarantee that you will absolutely love your Tyent water ionizer as much as we do, as much as our thousands of happy customers love theirs. After all, thousands of happy customers and over 500 clinical studies can’t be wrong, and we guarantee it. Go ahead! Start living the life you were meant to live and begin feeling the way you were meant to feel. Order today! You can give one of our water ionizer experts a call to help you get the perfect water ionizer. The Tyent UCE (Under-Counter Extreme) Turbo Water Ionizer with Hydrogen Boost – another great product from the engineers at Tyent. Buy once. Buy right. Buy Tyent! Tyent UCE-11 Turbo with Xtreme Molecular Hydrogen Boost   Tyent UCE Turbo FeaturedE! Channel'sMillion Dollar Home Tour   Tyent UCE Turbo FeaturedModernism WeekExclusive Home Tour   Tyent Water IonizersLook Why Tyent Is the#1 Selling Water Ionizer   Tyent UCE Turbo FeaturedShareece WrightNFL Chargers Cornerback   Tyent UCE Turbo FeaturedRick Springfield Loves TyentSee How Tyent Helps His Career…   Tyent UCE Turbo Featured Tom Brady's Secret DrinkHis Coach Reveals All... Looking for a reliable boost in energy or a healthier way to drink water at home? Ionized water may be the answer, and you have come to the right place. Tyent USA is at the cutting edge of water ionization technology. Unlike our competitors, every water ionizer we design is completely chemical-free and exceeds strict standards for durability, quality, and safety. We designed these machines to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, so they will complement other kitchen appliances. Enjoy advanced interactive touchscreen capability, ultrafiltration, and so much more. Our all-new 11-plate water ionizer will revolutionize the way you look and feel on the inside and the outside. With advanced interactive touchscreen capability, you can easily adjust pH levels or user settings to suit any application. Whether you are taking your medicine, preparing a meal, or making baby formula, you can access water with neutral pH levels with just the press of a button. Using our patented SMPS Plus® power supply, you now have 55 settings to choose. Enjoy the perfect glass of water anytime, regardless of the quality of your source water. The Tyent UCE offers a bonus feature that allows you to adjust your machine’s power settings in order to raise or lower your pH and antioxidant levels. This technology is so advanced that you can even preset your unit to your distinct water source, just like you can preset the radio stations in your car. Each Tyent UCE-11 water ionizer features solid, medical-grade mesh that is strengthened by titanium plates that have been dipped multiple times in platinum. With an automatic shutoff feature, you can run errands or take off with total peace of mind. This convenient auto-shutoff feature safeguards against flooding in the event that you leave your ionizer running unattended. Every 11-plate water ionizer comes equipped with max amperage to give you the highest levels of healthy antioxidants available. This smart system includes three alkaline levels and three acidic levels to help you ease into the routine of drinking ionized water. Safety and purity are at the forefront of every Tyent UCE-11 water ionizer we produce. By choosing us as your source for healthy, great tasting water, you gain years of expertise and research into the benefits of alkaline water. If you are still uncertain whether ionized water is right for you, there are more than 500 published articles on the benefits of molecular hydrogen. Better yet, we have the third-party lab report to back up what we promise – great tasting water that’s both clean and healthy. Our lifetime warranty has no stipulations and zero fine print. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information. UCE-11-PLATE TURBO Under the Counter Hydrogen Boost Technology The UCE-11 has increased amperage with its hydrogen boost technology to get the BEST levels of antioxidants! Plates Solid/Mesh Hybrid 11 plates dipped and baked. Plate Size 7" × 4 ¾" Surface Area 385 square inches Power Settings 3 Alkaline, 3 Acidic, 1 Turbo (for both alkaline and acidic output) 1 Neutral. Fully adjustable with 99 presets per level. Plate Material Solid/Mesh Hybrid Medical grade, strengthened titanium plates—dipped multiple times in platinum Retail Pricing Full retail $4,995—Ask about sale prices! Filtration Dual filters Ultra filtration .01 Micron Operational Controls Advanced interactive touch screen technology Negative ORP Levels Up to -1050* pH Levels 1.7-12.0* Prevention Devices Flood prevention sensor Cleaning Automatic self-cleaning UCE-11-Plate Turbo Specifications Product Size Ionizer:  14in (W) x 5-3/8in (D) x 14in (H)Dispenser:  11.5in (H) x 2in (D) Weight 5.6kg Rated Voltage 100-240V a.c 50/60 Hz Power Consumption 55 adjustable levels Purifying Mode TM Filtration Mode Super Water Capable of producing water from 2.0 pH - 12 pH* Display Unit Configuration •  3-phase alkaline water •  water purification •  2-phase acidic water •  under cleaning voice •  filter replacement display •  pH concentration level display Addition Funtion Electronic extraction construction Operating Pressure range        0.1 ~ 0.5MPa *Depending on your source water. How does an 11 plate ionizer compare to a 9 plate ionizer? The Tyent 11-Plate Ionizer is Eco-Friendly!!! Due to an increased flow rate, there is 40% less waste water than on 9-plate ionizers. 27% higher power 20% lower Turbo acidic levels 20% better -ORP levels

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