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 Toddler Elf Costume product image
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With all the news toys these days, kids can get mighty spoiled, and right quick! You have to start them young if you plan to impart in them the ideals of selflessness, generosity, and a strong work ethic.And there is no better place for your child to learn these--and more--vital life skills than at Santa’s Elf Outreach Training Program-North Pole (main campus). It may seem a long way to send your little one, but trust us, there is no more comprehensive curriculum than this: each tyke gets a standard issue Toddler Elf Costume, like this one, and is given a job to do as an apprentice in the toy workshop. Additionally, they each get one chore to complete that contributes to the well-being of their Elfish society (like feeding Rudolph, regular snowman re-shaping, bulk gingerbread baking, or ice skate sharpening). By the end of your kid’s time up at SEOTP- North Pole, he or she will return a giving, kind-hearted, jolly munchkin, with an appreciation for toys and all that goes into their creation. No more leaving that truck in the public sandbox!As an added bonus, this costume will be a hit at a Christmas Eve Party (and you will have a basketful of beautiful gingerbread cookies for the house!), with its adorable jester collar, faux leather belt, striped knit stockings, and conical hat. Of course, if you aren’t quite ready to send your little one away without supervision, you could always put them in this costume and hope some of the Elfish magic wears off. Either way, you must admit, that’s one cute elf you have on your hands!

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