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Halloween is right around the corner so that means plenty of restless spirits and demonic beings will be running around. Who are people going to call to rid the streets of these evils? We???ll give you a hint??? it???s not the Ghostbusters. No, they will more likely call in the big guns, so that means dialing you up! A priest doesn't just pray all day, he is also standing on the frontlines in the fight against Hell and its forces. You can join the good fight this Halloween and go out in this Plus Size Priest Costume! You will look as if you are fresh out the cathedral and ready to exorcise any evil spirits back from whence it came. You may just want to get your hands on a few accessories to really sell the act like an old Bible that looks as if it???s seen its fair share of holy battles, a trusty set of rosemary beads, and, finally, a cross necklace. Once you have all the tools you will be ready to vanquish those pesky demons. Get another friend to join you on this crusade dressed as

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