Do I Need to wear Sunglasses


On days where you have overlooked your shades, you presumably invest the greater part of the energy squinting while at the same time attempting to find in the splendid light; it tends to be disappointing! Shielding your eyes from the sun won't just keep this from occurring, yet can likewise assist with lessening your danger of eye sicknesses, for example, waterfalls and Age-related macular degeneration(1).

This is on the grounds that an excess of presentation to UVA and UVB beams can put your eye wellbeing at risk(2). It's essential to put resources into the correct pair of shades for your visual needs. There are various sorts of sun focal points, including energized, colored, and reflected shades all with various advantages and styles.


Shades don't simply shield your eyes from brilliant light to make you see simpler. They are significant apparatuses for hindering UV beams and keeping them from arriving at your eyes. Various kinds of sun focal points have fluctuating advantages to suit your individual needs with regards to sun insurance for your eyes.

Captivated focal points can offer the greatest security against glare and UV light. Glare can be an issue lasting through the year, with light skipping off of level surfaces, for example, streets, water, a day of ice. This can be amazingly perilous on the off chance that you are driving, or attempting to ski down a mountain!

Blinding glare can influence your visual lucidity and solace

On the off chance that you are frequently troubled by glare, almost certainly, you will encounter it in winter just as summer. It tends to be helpful to have a couple of spellbound focal points to hand for when the sun strikes. This sort of focal point will shut out even light that is reflected off of level surfaces, along these lines wiping out blinding glare. Xperio Polarized glasses have the most elevated level of UV insurance in our scope of lenses(3).

Colored focal points are a classy and powerful approach to shield your eyes from the sun. You can even have a graduated color making your focal points useful and popular, with a dim color at the top that gets progressively lighter towards the base bit of the focal point. Colored focal points can assist with reestablishing normal shading discernment, improving your vision while shielding your eyes from UV light.

Graduated colors make a popular look

Browse a scope of hues like earthy colored, dark, dim/green or burgundy for a couple of sun focal points that give agreeable, secured vision while looking elegant. They work by quieting the splendor of the sun while keeping up lucidity and differentiation.

Include a mirror finish for a striking look. E-Mirror UV can be applied with Xperio Polarized and Essicolour colors so you can profit by either wiping out blinding glare or glare decrease while increasing your design game.


UV presentation can contrast contingent upon your area, condition, and season of day or year. For example, UV introduction is more prominent the closer you are to the equator, and it is more noteworthy when the sun is high in the sky; ordinarily between 10 am-2 pm.

UV introduction happens more in all the way open spaces, and especially around profoundly intelligent surfaces. Did you realize that your UV presentation could twofold if the UV beams are reflected all day off?

Indeed, even with low UV levels at 2 or less, it is still suggested that you wear shades in the event that you are out in the splendid light. Overexposure can bring about eye medical problems that might have been forestalled if the correct measures had been taken; similarly, as though you went out in the sun yet didn't put sun cream on.

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