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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about

Is an online shop?
No, we are not a shop and we
do NOT SELL ANY PRODUCTS to consumers. We are a shopping search engine website where products from ‘verified’ Merchant Retailers are uploaded to the site for you to find.  Our focus has been on promoting those smaller retailers who don’t normally list products on the ‘big’ shopping sites. So products you find at will be a treat!  We support Small Businesses and hope you will too!

How do I use
There are 3 main ways to shop for products at
1. The easiest way is the type in what you are searching for into the search box at the top of the page.  This will produce results that match your search terms. 
2. You can also use the main categories on the home page and then use the text links or drop-down menus.
3. Click on the ‘Store’ directory at the top of the page and it will take you to the directory of merchants we list products from.
  Each listing will provide information about the merchant, their contact information, the number of products they offer, the types of products they offer, the types of payment, shipping, etc.  This listing will also have 2 other tabs – “Products” and “Store Promotions” listed by that merchant.

I see the product I want.  Now what do I do?
Once you find a product you would like to purchase – click on the product image or title and you will be given the price, description, and name of the retailer that has the product. 

Click on the ‘Merchant’ Name on the product page and you get a little popup that will give you more details about the merchant, their contact information, and types of payment accepted.  If the merchant has any promotions or discount codes, a little link will be available that says “Check Promotional Offers” (merchants that do not have any promotions will not have the check for message listed). This will open a new window with the merchants full Store listing information, all their products listed under the ‘Products’ tab and a ‘Promotions’ tab to see the current promotions and discount codes they are currently offering.

So how to I make the purchase?
When you find the product that you’re shopping for, and if you’re ready to purchase or if you want more information, simply click on the green “More Info & Buy at Retailer” on the product page and you will be taken to the product listing page on the merchant’s website.

  Although merchants are encouraged to keep their product listings up-to-date, occasionally you may find a product has been removed, sold, out, or even had a price change since the last time they uploaded their feed.  We recommend contacting the merchant directly to make any inquiries about the product you’re interested in.

Does search all on the web?
No. Merchants find us and pay to list their products on our website for a flat monthly fee to make their products available for you to find.  The number of merchants, number of products, types of products can change daily – so check back often. 

Is mobile friendly?
Yes.  Our website is 100% mobile friendly.  However, be aware that some merchants may still have to catch up with technology, but we are hoping all listing merchants are mobile ready as well.

What does it cost to use is ‘FREE’ for consumer shoppers to use.  We do NOT require any account sign-up or login information.  However, individual retail merchants MAY require you to sign-up on THEIR website to make a purchase once you have found their product on

What does do if I have a problem with a retailer listed on the site?
By all means, the first thing you should do is contact us and let us know which retailer you have issues with.  We will contact the retailer and let them know a complaint has been made by a shopper and what the issue is.  Should any retailer habitually have issues reported, we will remove that merchant and their products from our site.

HOWEVER, understand that cannot enter into any discussions between yourself and a supplier about goods you’ve purchased from them.  Those are best handled with the merchant, the Better Business Bureau, and/or your debit/credit card company.


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