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Super Plan from ShopToFind

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Best for merchants that have 24,001 to 51,000 product SKUs

  • Plan allows you to List Products for a fixed rate for 30 day period

  • First 27,000 products = $153.00 per month

  • Only $17.00 for each additional 3,000 product block up to 51,000 products

  • More than 51,000 products? Choose the Ultimate Plan

  • Simple, single, monthly payment amount based on the feed size you choose!

  • NO transaction fees!

  • NO Commission fees!

  • NO sign-up fees!

  • Pay month to month!

  • NO long term commitment or contract!

  • Cost per product listing for 30 days as low as $0.005667 each!

  • Update your feed with new prices and products any time during paid period! (each upload will replace the current feed)

  • NO limits on the number of click-throughs to your site!

  • Savings are enormous over PPC costs! If you list 27,000 products at even just $0.15 cents per click, it will cost you $4,050 per month if consumers click on each product just once! How much more if they click on all your products more than once? How much will it cost you if you have to pay more for PPC? All why NOT guaranteeing you any sale! Not to mention the 'bounce rates' that average 70-80% on typical PPC networks, significantly reducing your ROI.

  • Give up the ‘daily budget cap’ you have to place on your advertising budget!

  • Products displayed will provide another venue to bring shoppers to your website to purchase your products.

  • StopToFind is fully responsive making it easy for consumers to find what they are shopping for regardless of the device they use.

  • Requires your own website with shopping cart for consumers to make the purchase from you.  (Can be an Etsy, Ebay, or marketplace store provided Product URLs and Product Image URLs are unique to EACH product and there is an SSL encrypted cart for consumer to make purchase)
  • Requires Logo/Link back to added to your site

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