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Data Feed Requirements

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ShopToFind Product Data Feed Requirements:

ShopToFind accepts product data feeds from merchants, ecommerce platforms and other feed service providers using the Google Product Submit Format** for use in its shopping search engine.  A data feed is a file that contains information about all the products sold by a merchant, such as the product URL, price, image URL, title, and description.  Data feed uploads are limited to once per 24 hour period per merchant.  If you would like to set up auto-import, please use the contact us option from inside your merchant account and make a request for us to set it up for you.

  • First, make sure to register your store in ShopToFind’s Merchant Center
  • Feed files should be comma, tab-delimited text, or XML documents

When creating your data feed, remember to save your file in one of the supported file types with the appropriate filename extension:

  • .txt: text
  • .xml: XML
  • .csv: text

Creating a tab-delimited text document with Microsoft Excel

On the first row of your spreadsheet enter the names of the attributes that describe your items, each in its own column. In the rows below the header row enter information about your items. Each item should be listed in a separate row and information divided into the appropriate columns. For example:

 1   Title Description Image_link Page_URL Price
 2 Product 1 an 'example' product 123.45
 3 Product 2 another example product 543.21

To create the tab-delimited text file format you must save the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in tab-delimited format (File -> Save As -> Save as type: Text/Tab delimited).

Feed Formatting

The tab-delimited text file format is the same format as can be created by saving a spreadsheet from Microsoft Excel in tab-delimited format. Rows from the spreadsheet correspond to lines in the text file format. The first line of this tab-delimited file contains a set of product attribute names, and every other line of the document contains the attribute values corresponding to a single product. For example:

 1  "Title" "Description" "Image_link" "Page_URL" "Price"
 2 "Product 1" "an 'example' product" "" "" "123.45"
 3 "Product 2" "another example product" "" "" "543.21"

Here, there are five named attributes on the first line: Title, Description, Image_Link, Page_URL, and Price. There are two products described here. The first product has title Product 1 and a price of $123.45. The second product has title Product 2 and a price of $543.21.

As shown, each line consists of fields separated by the tab character. Each field is optionally surrounded by double quote characters. If the text of a field contains the tab character, that field is required to be surrounded by double-quote characters. If the text of a field contains two double-quote characters in a row, those two double-quote characters are interpreted as a single character. For example, in the first line of the provided example, the description will appear on ShopToFind as: An "example" product.

Fields may not contain end of line characters.

Required Feed Attributes:

The following attributes are required for products to appear on  Use the format shown in the brackets as the title of the attribute in the attribute column in your feed:

1.  title [title] - Title of the item

This is the name of the product. It is recommended that you include characteristics such as color or brand in the title which differentiates the item from other products.  It is recommended that any 'size' or use of numbers be placed at the end of the title.

2.  description [description] - A description of the product

Please ensure that the description only includes information about the product and not about anything else. No keyword spamming/stuffing.  ShopToFind search uses the description and title to find your product for consumer searches, make them relevant.

3.  id [id] - An identifier of the item

The item's ID number (SKU number) in your store

4.  google product category [google_product_category]

ShopToFind will use at least the top three categories and sub-categories from Google's category taxonomy list for the item as per the Google product taxonomy list

NOTE:  Items that are placed in the wrong category or sub-category significantly decrease their chances of being found by consumers.

5.  link [link] - URL directly linking to your item's page on your website

The URL of the product page itself where the details of a single product, along with a button to buy the product will be shown.

Do NOT use re-direct urls to your home pageProduct listings MUST take the consumer shopper directly to the product page you are advertising.

6.  image link [image_link] - URL of the main product image of the item

For best showing on, the image referred to by this URL should be the largest, best quality picture available online, at least 750 pixels wide and 750 pixels high.  Images will be auto-scaled to fit our format, however, images that are smaller than 200 x 200 will show poorly

NOTE:  IMAGES THAT HAVE SPACES IN THE IMAGE NAME WILL NOT BE INCLUDED - be sure to name your images with words, letters, numbers, dashes ( - ) or underscores ( _ ) between words.  To check your feed for images with spaces, look for a % sign inserted in the image url.  If there are any % signs there, the image will NOT be used and the product will be discarded.

Make sure that your images are in one of the supported formats (GIF, JPG, JPEG, or PNG) and that their filenames include the appropriate extensions, file paths, and that the image URL must link to an image file, rather than to a script. 

7.  price [price] - Price of the item

The price of the product.  *If product is on sale, the sale price should be listed as the price displayed so when consumers click through to your site, the price they will pay will match the price they are shown on the website.

7.  sale price [sale_price] - Advertised sale price of the item. Sale price will show in bold RED with line drawn through regular price.  If item is NOT on sale, leave the space BLANK.

8.  currency [currency]

Use the 3 digit code for currency –

9.  shipping [shipping]

Enter the shipping cost for the product.  If a product has FREE shipping, enter a zero ‘0’ for that item

10.  mpn [mpn] - Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) of the item

If manufacturer does not provide MPN, place your product ID in this column

11. availability [availability] – Your product’s availability – consumers will expect products to be available when they click through to your site.  Therefore,

  • Do NOT submit products that are not immediately available 
  • Do NOT list products that result in shoppers going to a ‘Page Not Found’ or a ‘Product Not Found’

Optional Feed Attributes:

keywords tag [keywords_tag]

Provide up to 10 additional keywords describing the product.

condition [condition] - Condition or state of the item

Only 3 values are accepted:

  • 'new' [new]
  • 'refurbished' [refurbished]
  • 'used' [used]

color [color] - Color of the item

gender [gender] - Gender of the item

Only 3 values are accepted:

  • 'male' [male]
  • 'female' [female]
  • 'unisex' [unisex]

age group [age_group] - Target age group of the item

There are only 5 accepted values:

  • 'newborn' [newborn]
  • 'infant' [infant]
  • 'toddler' [toddler]
  • 'kids' [kids]
  • 'adult' [adult]

material [material] - Material of the item

**Shopping Cart Plugins for a variety of popular shopping carts are available for auto-feed inclusion - please contact us to have a plugin set up prior to submitting feed.  A one-time set-up fee will be required for this service.

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