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About Merchant Program

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Who We Are and our Mission...

We are a US based company dedicated to creating a great shopping experience for consumers by providing an affordable venue for ALL merchants to list their products for the consumer to find, thus giving the consumer the greatest amount of choices to compare to find what they are shopping for! 

Background Leading to the Goal...

We know what it's like to shop on the internet today.  We shop too and need to buy things.  We are continually inundated with product ads everywhere we turn, almost on every site we go to.  The ads in our Facebook Feeds, in our Twitter Feeds, and on videos we watch on YouTube, on the apps on our phones... everyone is paying to have their ads placed everywhere based on what we have searched for hoping they can hit the nail on the head and present to you the exact product you are looking for and then entice you buy it...  It's amazing how they do that.  As an online retailer, I occasionally check my websites to make sure they are working correctly and do a search on two.  However, I realized soon that the next time I login to my Facebook page, or do a search on Google, I suddenly have an 'ad' on the side displaying the same product I just searched for, the same products I have on my sites, but it's from a competitor...   how can they possible know when I shop that I'm looking for a special gift, or have a certain need for a certain product... the advertisers think they are clever... they think they know me so well...

The Problem

But wait!  What about all those great products from all those small businesses with unique products that you will never see thrown in front of you because they are not playing the pay to play game of advertising?  Where do you find those products? Those retailers?  Like going on vacation and searching for the little boutique off the beaten trail....  As a shoppers, your only choice is to do an image search, then click on each image back to the sites to maybe get a price... or you start looking through the gazillion text links.... so sad shopping on the internet has become so hard...

Our Solution

Shop to Find plans to remedy the difficulty today's shoppers have in finding what they want to shop for.  We know it's all about getting all the products in one place for consumers to find, INCLUDING all those great little shops with all their unique products, so they can shop, and buy from the retailers who upload their product feeds to our site.  We also intend to make it affordable for ALL retailers, large and small, to have their products included in our site.  It may take a little time to get everyone listed, but no better time to start than right now!

Yes, we're new at this, but we've been online retailers since 2003 and want to fill the missing link between retailers and consumers.  Merchants and retailers, come grow with us, give us your suggestions and comments - we are open to learning.  And pass the word!

Merchants interested in submitting product feeds via our Merchant Program, please visit our Merchant Information Center

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